Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

So Yesterday was a snow day for the kids and for a few of us.
I think snow days for us are what God had in mind when He asked us to practice Sabbath.
For crazy New Yorkers, for stressed out students and members of the workforce, forcing oneself to take a Sabbath, a REAL Sabbath is near to impossible.
But Yesterday? Yesterday was magic. Yesterday was beauty at it's finest.
Yesterday was one of those days where you've penciled every little detail into your planner and then God throws your plans out of the window with a wonderful Blizzard leaving you guilt free and awe struck.
Yesterday God said "Go play in the snow, you need it". "Rest, you need it" "Spend time with the children, you need it - to see what happy is, to see what carefree is, to see what trust is."
God said "Seek first my kingdom and my rightousness and these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own" Matthew 6: 33-34
Some of you know that I have been stressed out lately - anxious, almost losing my mind.
Yesterday I felt good for the first time in a long time. Last night, I slept better than I've slept in months.

That was the first miracle the snow day brought.

The second miracle was that for the 1st time, ever, I saw people from this neighboorhood act like kids again. I saw teenagers that stopped pretending they were 'hard', that put their walls down for a few hours because little flakes of frozen water and air were falling from the sky.
I saw grown men scream and laugh as they boarded down the hill.
I saw 13 year olds ACT 13 for once.
Yes, there were some whining children, Both Kiwi and Justin were pretty sure they had frost bite.
Yes there were injuries, Mani's lip was bleading at some point.
But all of it was funny, and all of it was sweet and all of it was happy, because yesterday?
Well, yesterday was a day of God.
It was a day of childlike faith.
It was a day of sledding down.
It was a day of letting go.
It was a snow day.


Elizabeth said...

Love this post, Val. You're so right. Thank you for reminding me what a true gift yesterday was. :)

Anonymous said...

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