Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi Friends,

I hope Fall is treating you well, we are having a great time up here and are really enjoying spending time with our neighbors. We are all really one big family now, we don't lock our roof doors anymore so everyone from next door just comes over whenever and vice verse. We are seriously considering finding one big house for all of us!

One new thing is that all the teenagers have really been spending time here since school has started. The little kids all have afterschool programs till 6 or so and now the older kids come over as soon as they get home to get snacks and hang out. Most of them in fact are boys (ages 12-15). We love them so much and really act as stand in mothers for most of them. A typical day looks like one of them coming home from football or school and coming straight to our house to talk about the day, use the computers, and have us make them grilled cheese. It is so much fun and we love these boys like they were our own.

Because we love them so much, we want them to grow up into great men who really love God and love the people around them. Friends, it is so so hard for them to do this without the influence of other men in their lives. We can spend all the time we want with them but we aren't men so it is just not enough. They are at such a vulnerable time in their lives and face choices everyday that could make or break them. We would love for each of them to be mentored by one of our wonderful guy friends! This would ideally involve spending scheduled time with them weekly, maybe even reading the Bible with them. We would pay for you to take them out and do stuff in the city every once in a while. One of the greatest challenges for us has been the lack of male support/influence with our family here. Would you please consider committing to one of these young men, I really can't think of a more worthy investment! Thanks for praying with us for this, ,we are trusting God that he will provide for our boys!