Monday, June 29, 2009

The House Where Everyone Goes

Hey guys... just thought you might enjoy reading this. It was written by Kelly, the oldest girl of the 7 kids next door. Enjoy, but make sure to read the new entry below too!

Story written by: Kelly Webster
Typed by: Kenyah Francis

Beekman Avenue and 141st Street. A block where you  see people walking up and down. Wether they are big or small. All ages. Noise, music, excitement, etc. Yup! That's Beekman Ave. 

One place where many people go is to the house down the block. The one all the way down the block. You know what I'm talking about? Right? The house where everyone goes. 

Let me tell you about that house! Well 321 Beekman Avenue, Apt. #2. There's many things to do up there. From cooking to watching movies and all. That's the house where everyone goes!

People from everywhere. Texas, Maryland, Manhattan, and even Beekman Ave. 

Help a Child Know Jesus!

We have recently been made aware of a camp at a local church!  We believe our neighbors, children aged 5 to 13, would benefit from spending their days in such a camp.  Not only would this fill their idle time, so too would they be presented with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.  Someone has offered to pay for the kids to go to camp for one full week, praise God!  However, looking to the rest of the summer, we are eager to provide these kids with productive activites.  The camp, already paid for one full ,is actually three weeks long and costs $25 per kid. We would love to send these children there for the entirety of the program and are praying hard for the funds.  If you are able and willing, we would love for you to take part, to sponser a child for a week and to become a pen pal of one of our beautiful children!  

God Bless,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Difficult Times

Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last night we were made aware of some dire financial needs on our block.  Although we are not comfortable explaining the details in this venue, know that it involves a family with whom we are very close.  We believe that God wants to provide for this family in an amazing way, and calls us to be a part of it. Please begin to pray hard and earnestly for this cause and if you are inclined, please don't hesitate to contact us about any way in which you might be able to help.  All of our contact information is listed below:

Meredith Janke - 262 389 8386 -
Kirstin Edwards - 215 651 1938 -
Sara Frazier - 817 980 1288 -
Jillian Roche - 484 354 5289 -
Valerie Prosper - 2404816011 -

Thank you and God bless,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Faces

Hi Y'all!

I hope you're having a blessed summer so far! Despite the rainy weather here on the east coast we've actually been spending a lot of time outside and have had some really exciting times with the people in the neighborhood. In other really we had a new roommate move in this past Sunday. One of our good friends Valerie just got back from studying abroad and was willing to take DeWanda's spot in the house. Its been so energizing for us to have her here these last few days and we're really looking forward to out community growing!

Also we've gotten to meet a ton of new people this last month, I think there are about 30 new people we've met and spent time with in some capacity. A few times we've had over twelve kids running around the house, most of whom continuously ask if we are a school or if we are "open" on Saturdays. We've also gotten to spend a lot of quality time with a few of our neighbors who are closer to our age (in their twenties) and have begun to have some really good conversations with them that have allowed us to share our faith and here their beliefs and needs. Pray for these brothers and sisters and our witness to them as we continue to look for these conversations and show them love. Thank you all so much for your encouraging thoughts and prayers!

Peace! (really)