Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Days

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the long summer days that we are here, they've brought with them a lot of great neighborhood bonding and a little piece of the Kingdom of God! We've continued to get to know more of our neighbors as we all sit out every night and we've especially gotten to bond more with those that we've known all year. Our next door neighbor Itza (mom of the seven kids) was able to get a day time job so we've gotten to eat dinner with her a couple times and she is so much fun to hang out with! Pray for us that we would continue to be a blessing to her physical needs and that through this Christ would begin to meet her spiritual needs as well.

Thank you to all of you have given to our camp fund, 4 children are getting to learn about Jesus for the first time because of your generosity! I got to pick them up on their first day and the excitement with which they told me about Jesus feeding the five thousand was contagious! They also said they had read it from the Holy Book of Luke which was super cute. Pray with us that they would continue to be excited by the Word and that it would sink into their hearts.

We've also started our own little Bible camp here with the Spanish church. Last week was the first week and it went fairly well, it was kind of crazy and we had to be really flexible but we got to know some more people and hopefully serve them a bit, as well as partner with the Spanish church in something they really want to do. A lot of people were just surprised to see the place open and were excited about that which makes us long even more for the larger church to be renewed and open once again. On that note pray with us that God would give us the 200,000$ it will probably take to do that and the faith to keep pursuing that which he has called us to do!

Finally, Kirstin and I have both gotten to spend some extra time with the kids who aren't going to camp everyday (too old or too young). They are in the middle of summer boredom phase and last week I got to take three of them to the Bronx Zoo (which was amazing!). It was great to see them get so excited and their minds to be opened a little bit. Kirstin is taking them to the Museum of Modern Art today, pray with us that these outings would not just be fun/cool things to do but that the girls would know of our and God's love for them through this time. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, let us know if there is any way we can be lifting you up also!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Movin on up... to the Bronx!

So! This is my first Post on the Beekman Notes. It's crazy being the new roommate in here and it has already changed my life around! 
I moved in almost 2 weeks ago now and it already seems like I've been there quite awhile.  In the latest news, we just had the welcome/info session/community building party for camp and I think it was a great success. There were water balloons, freeze dance competitions, new friends, and most importantly Tostones. It's cray how much you can feel God move throughout this community and bring people together. I don't know what His plan is, or how long I'm meant to be in this house for but so far it's just been an honor to serve along with these lovely ladies.  In further important news, I have remembered the recipe to some amazing apple pie that could be coming to you shortly. 

That is all. 

God Bless!