Monday, March 8, 2010

Devastating News From Close Friends in Morocco

This time last year, we were just moments away from a week long service trip to Morocco. We were called there to help serve the seven foster couples, collectively raising thirty three children. I think I speak for us all when I say that this trip transformed our lives in some way, shape or form if not turn it on its head. The faith of these parents is unlike any I have ever witnessed; faith in the Lord's direction, calling and according provision. I, like many others, was challenged and stretched by their blatant obedience to the call of the Lord.

Today, almost one year later, the Moroccan government, Muslim by law, raided and evacuated all foreign occupants, leaving thirty three children, alone, once again in their short lives. We ask that you join us in ceaseless prayer and fasting for the these children, for the hearts of those involved in the Moroccan government, for the families and parents so quickly uprooted from their lives. Spread the word! Tell what authorities you can get a hold of, write to the press, make a ruckus and continue to lift up these needs to our Father in heaven.

Attached is the most recent press release, please check back here for constant updates and reports.


On Monday, March 8th, Moroccan authorities raided Village of Hope (VOH), a children’s home in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco, originally founded by two Americans in 1957 as a home for orphaned children. The authorities arrived during the school day, entered the classrooms and told the adopted children their parents are being told to leave the country and will be leaving the children behind.

In the ensuing chaos, officials told the parents at VOH that they are being expelled from the country because they have been talking to their children about Christianity.

In 2002, the Village of Hope registered with the Moroccan government as an official Christian organization and received permission to talk about Christianity to the children in their care. Under the Moroccan government, it is illegal for anyone to talk about their Christian faith without first being asked. In the case of these parents, they had gotten permission to do so from the government.

As the secret police raided VOH, children cried out hysterically for their parents who were being forced to board a bus to the airport 30 minutes after receiving this news. The authorities are not allowing the parents to take any of the children with them which leaves behind 33 children who were in their care.

The staff at Village of Hope had moved there to dedicate their lives to adopting unwanted and orphaned children. In Morocco, it is only legal for Muslims to adopt children so the parents were acting as “foster parents” but in actuality the children considered them to be their parents.

The staff were told this directive came from the new Minister of Justice for Morocco, Mohammed Naciri.

In Christ,