Monday, December 28, 2009


Hi All!!!

So I just realized a bunch of you who are so important to my life don't even know about this Blog! Just for a re-cap this is a blog where you can read up on what my roommates and I are doing, how you can pray for us and our lives in community with our neighbors in the South Bronx, each other and Jesus!

Right now I am writing this from Kenya and although I am enjoying the wonderful break from the winter cold I do miss the babies and my roommates incredibly! :(

In recent news, I took the 3 younger girls next door to see Princess and the Frog! Just so you know it's the best Disney movie since the DIsney classics so if you haven't seen it, leave your computer and do so immediately!!!

It truly was a blessing to take the girls and I praise God for the first black Disney Princess. I don't know to which extent the girls realized that this was a moment in history but I really believe looking back they'll see that they experienced something special. It was definitely special for me seeing their faces light up and hearing Mani say "she looks like me!".

We also got to open presents with the babies and have them read the story of Jesus before they did so. It was really an amazing and fun night doing that with them and I'm so grateful that we have some kind of hand in sharing the meaning of Christmas with them.


I would just like you to pray for our boldness in sharing the Gospel with the adults!
I'd like to pray for men to come in and mentor our young boys who really need it!
I'd like to pray for strength and encouragement of our community with each other, God and the our neighbors!

I hope your Christmas was amazing and filled with love!

Happy New Year and be blessed!

" If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:32

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Colleen Cox said...

It is such a delight to know you are a true gift from God!!!